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Folk Dance Group (Ensemble) “Ghobustan”

The “Ghobustan” Dance Group mostly performs Azerbaijani traditional and folk dances of different genres and character; for instance, refined solo women stage dances or group ritual ones, as well as, heroic, comic or lyrical dances (“Turadji”, “Dilshadi”, “Chobani”, “Gazakhi” and also ritual “Yalli”, “Avest ritual dances”, “Wedding dances”, “Novruzi”). The Group also tries itself in modern and classical choreography as well. All the Group members are professional dancers, graduates of the Baku Ballet School. The leaderand ballet-master of the Group is Afag Huseynova, and the assistant is Jayhun Mamedov.
Since 1996 when the Group was established it has participated in different cultural undertakings, concerts and festivals in the country and in abroad. Many times it has been taken for local TV programs, and even for the film “The Silk Way” taken in 1997 by the request of a French company.
Afag Husaynova is the artistic leader and ballet-master of the «Ghobustan» Dance Group.
Afag Husaynova is known in our country as a performer of the traditional dance repertoire, and also as a public figure, the head of the “Creative Women Association” and an artist-ceramist. She graduated from the Baku Choreographic College (1973) and then, in 1980 from the Azerbaijan State University for the Arts.
Afag is very energetic. Between 1996 and 2004 he initiated and performed a few projects with Norwegian Refugee Council, Relief International, USAID, and with other NGOs that awarded her and the group with many Certificates of Achievements. Her dance group has participated in different charitable actions for our refugee and orphan children.


Leader of the Dance group: Afag Huseynova






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